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FADA was formed in 2015 as a membership based organisation, with an aim to contribute towards the promotion and protection of Female Sex Workers (FSWs) / Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender (LBTs) rights in Rwanda. VISION The vision of FADA is a prosperous and discrimination-free Rwanda. MISSION FADA works to improve livelihoods and quality health services for vulnerable women as well as combating all forms of gender based violence and discrimination. OBJECTIVES FADA pursues the following objectives: To contribute towards improving the socio-economic living conditions of vulnerable women To increase access to quality health care among vulnerable women To prevent and mitigate against the effects of HIV/AIDs among female sex workers as a key population group and others in general. To fight against all forms of gender based violence and discrimination To promote gender equality and equity To provide space for dialogue, networking, experience sharing and capacity building for vulnerable women
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