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Established in 2016, Working For Our Wellbeing is a Cameroonian civil society organisation working to challenge discrimination, stigmatisation and violence in Cameroon based on sexual orientation, gender identity and body differences. Working For Our Wellbeing was set up with the aim of giving a louder voice to sexual minority persons' issues in Cameroon and to support joint advocacy to problems regarding sexual minority persons (LGBTIQ) in Cameroon with other organsations. Working For Our Wellbeing works towards this aim by: Actively intervening with judicial authorities to reduce the level of arbitrary arrests, detentions and convictions. They plan workshops for a better understanding of the fundamental rights of LGBTI+ persons in Cameroon. Working towards the development of an LGBTI people in Cameroon through conferences to also highlight their situation more in other countries on their realities. Working in partnership with other organisations to lobby at the national assembly to better commit to LGBTIQ equality and human rights. Championing a perpetual fight with the Cameroonian authorities to achieve medium-term decriminalisation of homosexuality, a more inclusive and tolerant Cameroonian society. Facilitating the access of LBTIQ persons to social empowerment, education and the labour market. In the organisation itself, its members are dominated by a good number of persons who have worked in different organisations in the national territory of Cameroon and a good number of them have a history of supporting the rights of sexual minority persons within Cameroon and have so far shown the importance to stand against discrimination and stigmatisation of all forms on every human being, regardless of their sexual orientation, gender identity and body type. Working For Our Wellbeing has been engaging in building acceptance of differences among Cameroonians and the integration of minority persons in the Cameroonian society for a better living for all without any exclusion of any type. Working For Our Wellbeing builds the confidence that LGBTIQ persons should have in themselves and to build a better knowledge of the fundamental rights of minority persons to the Cameroonian public as a whole from their different ends.
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