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F’INE (fee-neh) is a New Zealand-based Pacific MVPFAFF / LGBTQI+ focused not for profit organisation that provides Whānau Ora navigational services to Fa’afafine or Fa’atama (Samoa, American Samoa), Fakaleiti or Leiti (Tonga), Fakafifine (Niue), Akava’ine (Cook Islands), Vakasalewalewa (Fiji), Palopa (Papua New Guinea), Mahu (Hawaii) Haka huahine (Tokelau) and Rae rae (Tahiti), The Rainbow community also includes a wider spectrum of western identities and terms, such as: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer or Questioning and Intersex community and their families. The above is a snapshot of identities and terms which also includes a wide range of people with various gender identities and sexual orientations not listed above. This support is available to Pasifika MVPFAFF / LGBTQI+ peoples and their families in the Auckland region.
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