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Founded in 2013, My Right Alliance (MRA) is an organisation based in Kigali, Rwanda. MRA advocates for the protection and promotion of human rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people. Mission: LGBTI rights promotion and advocacy, to eradicate all kinds of stigma and discrimination against the LGBTI community. MRA work towards their mission by working on the following: Research: Stakeholders and institutions at the national levels are committed into decision-making and lobbying to promote and protect LGBT rights. Conducting research on how the diverse Rwandan contexts affect the LGBT people’s lives; Providing and facilitating access to para-legal services for LGBT people but also, through publications, guides, reports, infographics, etc. sharing information about LGBT people's lived realities. Community building: Community leaders and local LGBT groups are actively participating in changing behaviors and perceptions towards sexual orientation, gender identity and expression within their respective communities. MRA uses its publications, campaigns and calls to actions to raise awareness on different issues related to LGBT people's lived realties and they use the collected data and evidence to create user-friendly, engaging advocacy materials. Capacity building: Partners are duly equipped/supported to effectively partner with MRA towards their vision while benefiting from the spaces and resources they facilitate. MRA supports community empowerment, personal and professional development through technical assistance and enganging with various forms of capacity building.
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