Rajmala Welfare Society

Rajmala Welfare society (RWS), was created by a group of Trans women and was registered as a not for profit society under the Societies Act (India) in 2013 with its official registration number as 58523M. However after much awaited support and mentorship, RWS currently is a diverse Chamber of commerce for LGBT people whose Purpose is to promote healthier sexual lifestyles, Provide technical and management support, create an enabling environment for companies and entrepreneurs at a national and international level as well as a facilitator of trade and business connections between them. RWS today stands clear with its Objectives to: a) To promote entrepreneurs from (Sexual minorities) individuals employed and be absorbed in markets. The RWS India’s Diverse chamber will also support sexual minority individuals in setting up own businesses. b) To promote health and wellness in the lives of sexual minorities and in the lives of other individuals and groups in the broader community c) To promote and improve the lives of people from Minorities (LGBTQI) communities with Dignity. RWS is better known for its global affiliation with National Gay Lesbian Chamber of Commerce (NGLCC). RWS is also dedicated to advancing inclusive economic growth for LGBTI people. Inclusive economic growth refers to the ways in which employment and financial advances apply equitably across all sectors, social groups, and socioeconomic classes. In contexts where LGBTI people experience exclusion, there is significantly less economic output, which limits any meaningful redistribution into their well-being.
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