The T Project

The T Project is Singapore’s first and only social service for the transgender community. This independent community initiative was set up by Miss June Chua and her late sister Miss Alicia Chua in June 2014. They realised that there were many gaps in the existing social service sectors, which did not address the needs of Singapore’s transgender community. Aware of the challenges faced by transgender individuals, they first decided to open a shelter that would serve as a temporary safe haven for anyone who was homeless in the community. In June 2014, The T Project's first shelter was set up with the help of another NGO. The T Project shelter is the only social service in Singapore that exists specifically to cater to the female transgender community and transgender people living with HIV. Their shelter program also provides suitable referral support to its residents to meet their employment, social, healthcare, and emotional needs. In 2018, the Alicia Community Centre was set up to provide a safe space for transgender/gender-non-binary individuals of all ages—particularly the youth. Apart from peer counselling services for the marginalised, the centre offers a non-judgmental place for LGBTQ youths to meet up and get social support.
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