Toolkits on Financial Management and Strategic Planning

Jun 30, 2022

We are happy to announce that the following toolkits, developed by Kaleidoscope Trust in collaboration with the invited experts under the FCDO-funded Fighting the Reversing Tide project, are now available for the organisations and partners we work with.

The first one is a Toolkit on Financial Management and Resource Mobilisation for TCEN Member Organisations authored by a team of experts in organisational management, LGBT+ rights, and rights of people with disabilities, Liesl Theron and Hape Peshoane. The toolkit provides information and guidance on organisational financial health and sustainability. Its detailed explanations, examples, and templates around critical considerations of financial management and resource mobilisation are geared to help TCEN member organisations to improve their accountability, compliance, and credibility.

The second one is a toolkit on Organisational Strategic Planning for TCEN Member Organisations, and it was authored by a team of Eastern Caribbean experts in organisational development and LGBT+ rights promotion and protection, Marlon Thompson and Joel Simpson. The toolkit means to help TCEN member organisations, especially those who have never had/developed an organisational strategic plan, better understand why it is vital to have a strategic plan, how to conduct strategic planning, and guide their team(s) through the process of developing organisational strategic plans.

Click on the buttons below to download the toolkits.